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Rust is a leading cause of future maintenence, protect your vehicle with Swan's Garage rust proofing, starting from $119.95

Swan's Garage rustproofing

The best thing you can do for your car and your wallet!

Rust wreaks havoc on your vehicle. Water, ice and salt all contribute to your vehicle's wear and tear, and increases the chance of rust build up on your vehicle.

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Rustproofing FAQ

Q: What product do you use for rustproofing?
We use a petroleum-based rust inhibitor that is standard across the industry. It uses a drip free formula and is environmentally-friendly.

Q: Do you drill holes in my vehicle to apply the product?
We do not drill holes in the vehicle unless it is specifically requested. It is possible to apply a thorough and effective coating using the drains and vents that the vehicle was manufactured with. We believe that it is important to maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s paint coating as much as possible.

Q: Will my vehicle drip after being rustproofed?
The chemical that we apply uses a drip free formula. Any dripping that might occur will largely be finished by the time the vehicle leaves the shop

Q: Does washing my vehicle remove the rustproofing chemical?
There is nothing to worry about when it comes to washing your vehicle as the rustproofing chemical cannot be removed from exposed metal surfaces with soap and water. The rustproofing chemical will often “creep” onto the exterior of a vehicle’s door panels and will appear as a black oily smudge when it comes in contact with dirt. This can be removed with soap and water, and is in fact a sign that the chemical is spreading throughout the vehicle.